US Universities with Full-Ride Scholarships

US Universities with Full-Ride Scholarships

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1. Duke University

  * Robertson Scholars Leadership Program (More Details)


- SAT or ACT scores
- 2 letters of Recommendation

2. Vanderbilt University

 * Ingram Scholarship Program (More Details)

 * Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship (More Details)

3. University of Chicago

  * Stamps Scholarship (More Details)

4. University of Notre Dame

  * Stamps Scholarship (More Details)

5. Virginia Tech

  * Stamps Scholarship (More Details)

6. Washington University in St. Louis

  * John B. Ervin Scholars Program (More Details)

  * Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program (More Details)

  * Danforth Scholars Program (More Details)

7. Emory University

  * Emory Scholars Program (More Details)

8. University of Southern California

  * Mork Family Scholarship (More Details)

  * Stamps Scholarship (More Details)

  * Trustee Scholarships (MoreDetails)

9. University of Virginia

  * Jefferson Scholarship (More Details)

10. Wake Forest University

  * Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship (More Details)

  * Stamps Scholarship (More Details)

11. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

   * Stamps Scholarship (More Details)

12. UNC (University of North Carolina) Chapel Hill

   * Morehead-Cain Scholarship (More Details)

   * Robertson Scholars Leadership Program (More Details)

13. Michigan State University

   * Alumni Distinguished Scholarship (More Details)

   * Distinguished Freshman Scholarship (More Details)

14. Purdue University

   * Stamps Scholarship (More Details)

15. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

   * Stamps Scholarship (More Details)

16. University of Houston

   * Tier One Scholarship

Out-of-state students who win this scholarship will receive a waiver for non-resident tuition.

17. The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin)

   * Forty Acres Scholarship (More Details)

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18. Ohio State University

    * Eminence Fellows Scholarship 

    * Morrill Scholarship Program

19. Clemson University


   * National Scholars Program (More Details)

20. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

    * Stamps President’s Scholars Program (More Details)

21. Boston University


    * Trustee Scholarship (More Details)

22. Northeastern University

    * Torch Scholars Program

23. University of Buffalo

    * The Presidential Scholarship

24. University of Maryland, College Park

    * Stamps Banneker/Key Scholars at University of Maryland (More Details)

25. Indiana University Bloomington

    * Wells Scholars Program (More Details)

26. University of Georgia


    * Foundation Fellowship (More Details)

    * Ramsey Honors Scholarship (More Details)

27. The University of Texas at Dallas

    * Eugene McDermott Scholars Program (More Details)

28. University of Mississippi

    * Multiple Scholarships (More Details)

29. Loyola Marymount University

    * Multiple Scholarships (More Details)

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30.  Texas Christian University

    * Chancellor’s Scholars Program (More Details)

31. University of Rochester

    * Alan and Jane Handler Endowed Scholarship (More Details)

32. University of Wisconsin

    * Chancellor’s and Powers-Knapp Scholarship Program (More Details)

33. American University

    * Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars Program (More Details)

34. Illinois Institute of Technology

    * Duchossois Leadership Scholars Program (More Details)

35. Mercer University

    * Stamps Scholarship (More Details)

36. North Carolina State University

    * Park Scholarship (More Details)

37. University of Alabama

    * Academic Elite Scholarship (More Details)

38. University of Kentucky (More Details)

    * Presidential Scholarship

    * Patterson Scholarship

    * Governor’s Scholar Presidential Scholarship

    * Otis A. Singletary Scholarship

39. University of Louisville

    * Brown Fellows Program (More Details)

40. University of North Carolina, Charlotte

    * Levine Scholars Program

41. University of Richmond

    * Richmond Scholars Program (More Details)

42. University of Hawaii

    * Regents and Presidential Scholarships (More Details)

43. Southern Methodist University

    * President’s Scholarship (More Details)

44. Drake University

    * National Alumni Scholarships (More Details)

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